Tour our new Max Robinson Center

Saturday, October 21st
10AM to 12PM

1201 Sycamore Drive SE
Washington, DC 20032

After you walk or run, join us for a tour of our brand-new Max Robinson Center. Named for acclaimed TV anchor Max Robinson, our new Max Robinson Center will be a healthcare home and state of the art research center where we will be able to serve an additional 10,000 patients per year. The New Max will bring much needed health and wellness services to the residents of DC and we’re so excited to share it with you.

During the tour we will share history and information about the redevelopment of Saint Elizabeths. Additionally, you will be able to experience what our new, 7-story building will encompass and see how care will be delivered to patients and clients. You can even sign-up to become a patient with us on site!

We’re thrilled that our new Max Robinson Center will help to impact healthcare for the communities we serve. We hope you will join us to celebrate our past and launch into our future.

No sign-up required. Just follow the signs to 1201 Sycamore Drive. You’ll be greeted by volunteers and assigned a tour guide to walk you through the space.